Jewish Routes of Thessaloniki

Let’s time-travel into the lives of Thessaloniki Jews. From Hellenistic years to 2nd world war, Thessaloniki was home to the largest Jewish community. The city is also known as “Madre de Israel. The city still retains its Jewish character, with numerus well-preserved monuments that reminds the lives and stories of the Sephardic Jews.

You will witness of how integral the culture of Sephardic Jews play in the city’s cosmopolitan character.Visiting Stoa Saoul and Agora Modiano you will experience what great merchants and traders were when they were the city’s most prominent economic power. Visit the beautiful Art Nouveau mansions- Villa Modiano, Villa Allatini and Casa Bianca, the Jewish Cemetery of Thessaloniki, Monastirioton Synagogue and the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki.