Photo and Video Production

A wedding in Greece is such an exciting event that needs to be captured in your memories forever. Astir club has a vast network of partners all over Greece, that specialize in wedding photography and videography.  There are numerous options of photo & video production for our clients to choose and we help you all the way to find the best suited. Do you need a photoshoot or a ceremony video? An additional next day photo shoot, or a photobooth for your guests to have fun with? We will assist you every step of the way.

It is time to capture the moments into images. Our wedding photographers’ mission is to catch that moment in the sunset, the happy smile, the vibrant mood of your guests and the beautiful sceneries of Greece.

Such unique experience really needs to be filmed, so you will be reminded of your wedding in Greece.

We work with cinematographers, videographers and technicians that will be responsible to capture the happy moments of your ceremony. Our experts will provide you the solutions you require regarding your wedding coverage. Do you want a single camera, or more than one cameraman? Do you want to live stream your wedding? Perhaps you need a drone. Let us help you decide.

Now that you have created an epic wedding, you can personalize even more the mementos of your wedding. There is no better way to offer your guests a fun break, than a signature wedding photobooth.  Not only they are having fun socializing in the photobooth area, but they also get the freedom to produce their own keepsakes. In Astir Club we have many solutions for your personalized photobooth. Let’s discuss how to capture the experience of your wedding guests in Greece.