Mount Olympus Jeep Safari

Tour the home of the Gods. Olympus is synonymous Greece. It was the country’s 1st national park in 1938 and is part of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve list since 1981, Olympus has magical sites to offer.

It is the highest mountain in Greece and one of the highest in Europe.  

Olympus has exceptional biodiversity, on the mountain, you will find rich forests of oak, black pine, beech, or rombolo and alpine vegetation, while more than 1700 plant species flourish (of which 23 are endemic).  You will see enchanted waterfalls and incredible natural trails. In Olympus nature and the local people exist in harmony.

When you finish the trails, our experts will take you to Dion, a village on the mountain that was name after the Greek god Zeus. You will visit the archaeological site of Dion, the museum and then onto a local tavern for lunch.

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