Your wedding is the highlight of your life and Greece is the perfect destination to perform your ceremony. Choose the type that suits you better.Astir Club will plan you a perfect memory. We design plenty ceremonies for you to choose.Religious ceremonies – Cristian Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu and more Civil Symbolic Vows renewal LGBTQ+

There are many couples that choose to exchange their vows in front of God. Greece is the perfect destination to come together in holy matrimony. Religious weddings carry many traditions and symbolisms that vary depending on the religion.

We undertake Orthodox, Catholic, Lebanese Maronite, Jewish and Hindu weddings all over Greece. We are here to guide you with necessary paperwork, available dates, list of chapels or available venues.

Civil weddings are gaining more and more popularity. It is well-suited for couples who wish for simpler or shorter ceremonies, a wider choice of locations, or for partners with different religious backgrounds. It is also the perfect choice for couples who are looking for a more customized wedding, that might not be possible in more religious settings.  Whether your ceremony is being held in a town hall or in one of Greece’s many authorized outdoor venues, expressing your personal vows and have your friends perform a reading, and you unite your life with your partner’s. Unbounded from unnecessary formalities you can reflect your personal style all while safe in the knowledge that the wedding has the same legal status as a religious ceremony.

There are unlimited locations for your symbolic wedding. Every little corner of Greece can be scenery of you dream wedding.  You can tie the knot in a romantic beach, in a seclusive getaway, inside a forest, in a vineyard or in the privacy of a luxurious villa.

While this type of wedding is not legally binding it is a fantastic option for couples that now wish for a romantic ceremony with their family and friends. Either way, you can have the wedding you have always imagined.


What a better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary than that of a renewal of your wedding vows. Renew your promises, reaffirm your commitment and declare your love to one another again. There are many locations to pick from. Private or with friends and family, simple or fuzzy, we are here to assist you to design the ceremony you dreamed of.

There are many idyllic locations for your LGBTQ+ wedding in Greece. Whether you desire vibrant cities or cosmopolitan islands, we are here to create the perfect ceremony for your special day.  You can exchange your vows on exotic beaches, romantic gardens, elegant verandas, luxurious resorts or private villas, beautiful vineyards and even private yachts.   Although the ceremony is not legally binding, Greece is friendly and open-minded to all kind of partners that want to celebrate true love.  Don’t miss the opportunity to declare your love and commitment to your partner in front of your family and friends. Greece will be a memorable experience for everyone involved.

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