Travel Services

We offer many transportation solutions, either to and from the airport, wedding venue, reception venue or any other location. Need flying to Greece? Just tell us what you need. 

Relaxation during the preparation of your marriage is essential for the happiest days of your life. We care both for your stay and your guests, as well. The bridal suite, decorated appropriately, is waiting to welcome you with a romantic atmosphere offering you the ultimate comfort you deserve!

A destination wedding requires transportation of many people. Besides the couple, close friends and family will have to travel to Greece and they will also might need assistance with their local transportation. We are here to take care of all requirements made by your guests, including visas, airplane and ferry boat bookings, yacht chartering and car rentals. 

Besides the RSVP service that is required for the success of your reception, we provide further support to your guests. You can ask us about local beauty services, dinning, excursions, babysitters, medical assistance or whatever you might wish.  We want to satisfy your guests and help them enjoy their trip.