Jeep Safari

Greece offers unlimited options for jeep safari excursions in different locations and all year around.

Discover Greece with the most adventurous trip: the Jeep Safari. Our tailored excursions will get you off the beaten track, wandering in places that to most are out of reach in the magnificent Greek countryside. Hop on 4×4 vehicles with our experienced professional drivers and we will give you the most beautiful exploration.

Do you seek an adrenaline-pumping experience? We will take you on rough terrain, through the beautiful Greek landscape, over difficult roads, magnificent mountains, awe inspiring rivers and serene lakes. You will see endemic wildlife, rare flora, or even local plantations.

Are you a nature lover? You don’t have to be the adventurous type to enjoy a jeep safari, you can still get the sensation of a real adventure. Picturesque villages, aristocratic vineyards and local farms are few of the locations you will reach, enjoying the Greek hospitality and local gastronomy.

Our jeep safaris can be a single day excursion or a tailored-made multi-day trip in Greece. We can design either a group or a private experience. So take the initiative and join us on an adventure will make you feel like you live in a movie.

Get off the beaten track with our jeep safari tours